Neighborly Food Co. nourishes and encourages our neighbors in need.

Frequently asked questions

When we say our meals are made with "ingredients you know," we mean that we use ingredients that you might find in your pantry. Every ingredients is something you can recognize and pronounce. We don't use any artificial flavors or colors, and we don't use any chemicals!

By "profits" we mean what’s left over after normal business expenses (for example: employee compensation and benefits, cost of goods, transportation, marketing and advertising, supplies, facilities and office costs, and taxes) and reinvestments for growth (for example: equipment, facilities) are deducted from income.

These profits are distributed to organizations that address food insecurity.

Yes! Our production facility in located in Cave Springs, Arkansas, and we operate this facility.

Beyond the product being made in the USA, here's more about our commitment to US manufacturing:

Our production equipment is made in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Our bags are made in Kansas.

Our boxes are made in Texas.

Our ingredients come from Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, and North Dakota.

Our website and product photography is done by companies in Arkansas.

Neighborly Food Co. is our brand. The official name of the company is Ozark Eden Foods LLC, a woman-owned business incorporated in Arkansas.